Pricing Services

Pricing Services

Pricing experts at Lavendel endeavor towards making workable Pricing Solutions a reality for our clients. The adaptive model caters to quantitative, qualitative, and operational sides of pricing resulting in building value for our customers. Our synergies help in forming multidimensional industry solutions as per the market trends.

Our Expertise

    • Hotel Booking
    • Chemical
    • Industrial
    • eCommerce
    • Pharma
    • Processing Industry
    • Automotive
    • Retail
    • Food Bevrages
    • Building¬†Materials
    • High Tech
    • Packaging
    • Distribution

Pricing Challenges

  • Industry Specific Pricing Choices

    Pricing process and approach vary across industries and sometimes within the industry.

  • Global and Local Pricing

    Companies who have their footprints across the globe, managing and aligning global and local pricing is always challenging.

  • Segment Pricing

    Segment pricing is the new age approach. Quoting the same price for all your customers and products is old school & obsolete.

  • Dynamic Pricing

    In a fast-paced world, companies ought to adapt to pricing change fast to own the market & to stay ahead of the competition.

  • Price Analysis

    Our team ascertains your current business by analysing the past data and creating meaningful information to aid the future business transformation.

  • Quoting Process

    Quick turnaround time in creating a quote with the right price/discount for the prospective customer is the key to success.

  • Price List Generation

    Easy and manageable price list generation process will keep your price managers delighted

  • Price Optimisation

    Optimized price and AI are the buzzwords in the pricing space. To always stay ahead of your competitors, know it better to perfect pricing strategy.

  • Promotion Management

    Promotion is happy news for your customers. To outperform in the market your product managers can manage promotions elegantly with this feature.

  • Rebate Management

    Few companies enjoy the rebate process due to data being intensive and complex to track. We help you explore, manage accruals and rebate claims timely.

  • Channel Management

    Distributors help in reaching the widest possible customer base. Selecting the perfect channel to market your products and deriving the best results is a priority.

  • Segmentation and Optimisation

    Segmenting customers is critical to developing customized pricing. Divide and rule befit the changing times & have optimized price recommendations for different businesses.

  • Pricing and Revenue

    A market leader can emerge if you master the art of pricing and revenue management. With the right set of tools, you can conquer it.

  • Subscription Pricing

    Maximizes monetization and retention of your recurring revenue business. It gives your customers the freedom to choose & pay for what they want.

  • Pricing Approval Workflow

    Involves all levels of hierarchy creating transparency and easily manageable workflow. It enables the scope for enhancement for the new requirements in the business.

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