Pricefx Implementation

Pricefx Implementation

We strongly believe Pricefx is the future of pricing. It is modern, hip and trendy and run by people who are ardent for pricing & have a great deal of technical know-how. We feel proud to be the official partner for Pricefx in the APAC region.



Once you have gone live with Pricefx, there is always scope for changes and additions, Lavendel will assist you throughout the journey to craft software configurations specific to your ongoing strategy, data, process and requirements. We will always stand by you and support you in your pricing voyage.


We make migration from your existing pricing tool to the super effective Pricefx a piece of cake. We will ensure that the transformation process is smooth and hassle-free, providing you with guidelines and assessment of the process that will help in identifying variables to minimize technical risk.


Project Management

Pricing projects are different from other IT projects in numerous ways. It involves contributions from all your departments right from the leadership team to finance to sales to marketing to IT. Lavendel will assist you in managing and coordinating this mammoth task right through. We extend our expertise to reap multiple benefits including improved processes, greater accuracy and higher gross margin and remaining true to your brand.


Our consultants have years of pricing experience with unimpeachable technical skills. It is hard to find a perfect blend of both functional and technical skilled folks in one team, but we are fortunate to have both and yet they are reliable and go getters. We take care of extensive changes involved during and after implementation of Pricefx software. For unparalleled support and help in implementing Pricefx, Lavendel is the right place for you.


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